The explosion of modern technology has brought businesses many opportunities and effective tools to promote their products. Therefore, real estate businesses cannot ignore trending marketing products that are expected to explode strongly in 2023.

Below are some products that are predicted to become mainstream in the final months of 2022 and bring high efficiency in the real estate marketing process in 2023.

Reel video

In the era of information technology and the rise of social networking sites, businesses have not ignored this effective advertising tool. According to the statistics, there are more than 4.62 billion people around the world using social networks. More than 93% of internet users regularly log on to social networks. 72% of Americans use social media. So, if a photographer or realtor knows how to take advantage of media tools on social networks, advertising for home sales will be highly effective and can attract the attention of many buyers.

In the second half of 2022, reel video or short video has become a hot trend on the social networks as many businesses have used it to promote their products. Many photographers who are customers of BEEPEC have also used our video editing product to expand the services of their business.

After processing many reel videos, we have seen the advantages of this video format such as:

– As a short video, the content of reel has the ability to attract viewers because it is a short video with highly selective content

– Diverse content can help you express your own voice and personality.

– Low production cost, but high efficiency.

Virtual Staging

This kind of product is no longer too strange in real estate photography. But in the era of 3D technology development, Virtual Staging has been increasingly improved in quality. Furniture models have been diversified and more trendy. Along with that, the authenticity of the photos that are virtually staged are also increasingly upgraded, attracting the attention of home buyers.

At Beepec, we have a team of highly skilled 3D operators with expertise in furniture and architecture. They are able to create products with high and aesthetic quality.

Drone Photos or Videos

Unlike the normal interior or exterior photos, drone photos will help home buyers see the entire structure of the property. Along with that, they will know the scenery around it. Besides that, with the increasingly modern development of equipment for filming and photography, the realism of aerial photos and videos is also improved day by day

However, in order to make drone photos or videos to become more attractive, the post-processing is required. Possessing many skilled photo and video editors, Beepec is confident to upgrade your drone photos or videos to another level. They will become more attractive with the home buyers

Time-Lapse video

As an upgraded version of the Day to Dusk photos, the Time-lapse video will bring to viewers a more realistic feeling than the regular Day to Dusk photos.

A sunset photo will only show us the house which is placed under the shimmer of lights and the impression of the sky at night. But a video that can switch over from the daytime to the evening or nighttime will make a stronger visual impression. Customers will see the whole house during the day, and the details will also be clearer when the video turns to night.

It can be said that the above products are not new in the real estate photography industry. But in the second half of 2022, they have become hot trends to make the marketing process of many real estate businesses more effective. And promises to be an effective tool continuously in the real estate industry in 2023. For that reason, photographers do not hesitate to immediately use these products in your services. This will give your customers more choices of services, which will also help you increase business efficiency. Let’s come to Beepec to experience these services. Our editors are very familiar and experienced with these products. We will be a great supporter for your business!

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