Recently, we have seen that so many photographers come to BEEPEC and ask us to turn their daytime photos into time-lapse videos. And they may wonder if BEEPEC can create this kind of product like that.

It can be said that this is not a new product in real estate photography, but many photographers do not know or have never heard of it. With our 10 years of experience in this industry, we think that it can be a product with many notable advantages of both photo and video. Let’s find out what are the main advantages of this product and see if you are ready to introduce a new service to your customers?

1. Virtual Twilight Time-lapse Video make a stronger impression than a photo

Impressing homebuyers with a daytime photo converted into dusk is quite familiar with you, but what if you upgrade this conversion to a video. A sunset photo will only show us the house which is placed under the shimmer of lights and the impression of the sky at night. But a video that can switch over from the daytime to the evening or nighttime will make a stronger visual impression.
Customers will see the whole house during the day, and the details will also be clearer when the video turns to night.


2. Don't spend much time to film

The outstanding advantage of this product is that you only need to use a daytime photo as the input, and you don’t have to film that house from morning to night to see the time-lapse effect.

3. Multi-platform usable

Almost all social networking sites or web platforms support the display of all kinds of videos. So the Virtual Twilight Time-lapse videos is no exception. With a short time, only about 8-20 seconds, this type of product can completely impress home buyers in just a short period of time.

4. Low cost

As a simple but highly effective product, the cost of Virtual Twilight Time-lapse Video does not cost you so much. Otherwise, the economical effect it brings to your business will really surprise you.
Now, BEEPEC is ready to provide you this kind of service, with high quality, competitive cost. 

Here is some information for this product

  • Files you need to send: one daytime photo in RAW or JPG format.
  • Files you receive: 1 virtual twilight photo + 1 virtual twilight time-lapse video.
  • Turnaround time: 12 hours.

Do not hesitate to contact us to experience this service. 

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