Actually, I am quite sure that every time that you find a photo editor, one thing that makes you wonder the most is how he can support you for your business? Can he satisfy your requirements? 

The epoch of stormy development of technologies and information helps photographers so much in finding an online editor. However, its downside is whether you can believe them or not? If you can find the right one for yourself, they can be “a gold key” which can open the way for your success. 

Ryunosoke Satoro stated that “Individually we are one drop; but together we are an ocean.”. Hence, having a great partner will help you upgrade your business easily. So, the thing is that “Who can be your right-hand-man?”. All you have to do is find someone that is professional and has the ability to support you whenever you need. With our approx. 10 years of experience in this field, we will show you “How a professional photo editing company supports you”.

1. Stable quality with Strict Quality Assurance Process

Compared to a freelancer who works everything by himself, an editing company has the levels of checking steps, such as Quality Checking, Double Checking, Triple Checking… This is a specialization which needs specialized people to adopt. So, the quality will be much better.

Such as Beepec, we have a strict quality assurance process. It is normally as below:

Editing -> Quality Check -> Quality Assurance -> Delivery

With the High-end products, we will have our Production Lead check them again. This work-flow is quite different to the freelancers’ one. Freelancers will do all things by themselves and have nobody to check their final product photos again.. The benefit of multiple layers of Quality Checking is that it minimizes errors when delivering the products to the customer.

2. Available and Continuous support, 24/7, even the holidays

A photo editing company has many staffs to take care of all shifts in a working day to ensure that you can get their support 24/7, even the holidays. But freelancers will disappear sometimes, without even prior notice. They are typically working on several projects at the same time, so one day they can suddenly become ghosts. That means when you need their support immediately, they might be unavailable.

Working in this competitive service industry, timely assistance is one of the most important factors which decides whether you can succeed or not. If your customers give you a very tight deadline and your personal editor isn’t available. I am really sure it may be a disaster for you.

However, come to Beepec, you don’t need to worry about this issue. We have a team of young editors who have a great speed and flawless technique in editing who can handle your jobs, especially the urgent/rush ones.

Besides, we work on the holiday as well, no matter if it is our traditional holiday. Our work-flow and capabilities won’t also change anything on those days. 

3. Ability to support you in your High-end Projects.

Collective expertise is one of the most important advantages of a photo editing company.

At Beepec, you can find more than one senior editor who can handle your projects which demand the higher technique than usual. Each 3 months, our editors will be trained in an intensive course to upgrade their editing technique, and also update with them regarding the new customers’ style.

4. You can find more interesting services in the same company

Nowadays, professional editing companies not only supply photo editing services, but also the other kinds of services that may be necessary for your business. Working with a company who has a diversity of products will save your ton of time and money.

Besides Photo Editing, Beepec can give you a team with many experts in Virtual Staging, Floor plan, Day To Dusk, Video Editing as well.

5. Always ready for your long-term plan

I am quite sure that when you run a business, you always have ambitious plans to raise it. Especially when you have a large number of projects, you will need a partner who can handle and support you to complete all your works perfectly.

With a team of 70+ professional editors, Beepec can ensure to be your long-term partner who can help you improve your business. We have a lot of experience working in high-volume as well as the high-end projects. Besides that, we also have a bulk rate to support you in your business expansion plans. You can count on us to set your plans on the right path.


With the above things, I think you are now having your own choice who can be a part of your business. All you need to do is choose the right working partner and Beepec always try our best to be your right one!

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