Recently, reel video has become very popular on social networks, because of its quick and strong impression on users around the world. In the era of technology, when everything can be bought and sold on social networks, realtors cannot ignore the benefits that those platforms bring to their sales and marketing campaigns. This is also a factor that makes many photographers decide to develop and diversify their product types. Therefore, reel video is also a new product that many photographers aim to enlarge their business.
However, this is a fairly new product category for many photographers. So we have collected some tips and ideas for you to create an attractive real estate reel video and make it reach to more home-buyers:

Unique and creative ideas

Unlike regular video, reel video requires more creativity. Due to the short and fast format, the content of the reel needs to be condensed and able to make a strong impression on viewers in a short time. So it also requires a higher selectivity. Here are some ideas:

Short slideshow with the attractive photos

Besides the video with footage, slideshows can be the best choice for photographers to not only diversify their products but also help them to show their beautiful photos. The best way to attract the home-buyers is to choose the photos which best tell the property stories, along with a trendy music track plus some transitions that can make a strong impression.

Apply the viral trends to the video

Nowadays, many content creators can produce exciting and viral trends on social networking sites. It can be an action, a song, an edited sound… You can find these trends on social media and apply them to your reel video.

OneShot walkthrough

The reel feature is a short-form video. So, one shot will be an effective way to show the whole house. Instead of having to shoot many short footages and then put them together. Photographers can shoot a single shot that goes through the entire house. Make sure your shot is steady and stable as much as possible. You can shoot them really slow. Then in post-processing you can speed them up as you want.

Tips to shoot real estate reel video:

Just like the regular video format, when shooting reel video, we think you just need to keep the following in mind, they will be a key that makes you become a reel expert.

  • Set up furniture, reasonable lighting as you like.
  • Prepare a scenario to move or interact if you have more than one person.
  • Prepare tools which are necessary: camera or smartphone, gimbals, lens, mic, flash…
  • Using ninja walk: Slow and steady is an essential element when making shots. You need to go slowly and gently, to ensure that the camera or phone does not shake during the move. While walking, do not move your hands forward or backward, try to keep them in a fixed position, only moving your legs.
  • Try to catch the highlight details of the house: Because the reel duration is usually short, to impress and attract more, you should focus on the outstanding details of the house.

Above is all the tips and ideas that BEEPEC has collected when processing reel video orders from our clients. If you have an exciting idea and script, you have won 70% with this kind of product. The rest depends on the edits. About this step, you don’t need to worry so much even though you don’t know how to adjust it in video editing software

Let’s BEEPEC handle it for you! We will make your reel shine in your own way with those steps below:

  • Crop in the right proportions
  • Minimize vibration
  • Adjust color and light
  • Use attractive transitions and trending music
Order Placed