The world is currently undergoing many changes in politics, society, and the economy. The covid-19 pandemic is still a difficult problem for many countries around the world. The effects of disease and social changes, trade wars,… have changed the global supply chain, opening up many opportunities for developing countries with safe corridors and good resistance to epidemics.  Vietnam is having many advantages in attracting investment inflows from China. First of all, Vietnam is one of the best anti-Covid-19 countries in the world, which increases our position in the international arena. In the process of against the epidemic, Vietnam is highly appreciated for our publicity and transparency index, giving investors confidence in market information. Vietnam has a strict control process against the pandemic. In particular, the successful implementation of the dual goal: both controlling the COVID-19 epidemic while promoting socio-economic development has enhanced Vietnam’s reputation as a safe and secure investment destination which has governance capacity, as well as our resilience and adaptability are relatively well to world changes. This is also an advantage of Vietnam compared to many countries in the region that have not been able to control the COVID-19 epidemic in the competition to attract foreign investment. A skilled but relatively inexpensive workforce, good infrastructure and a slew of free trade agreements position Vietnam as a key supply chain hub, experts say. “Vietnam is rapidly emerging as one of the world’s new manufacturing hubs as multinationals are diversifying their production to build greater resilience in their supply chains following severe production disruptions during the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Rajiv Biswas, Asia-Pacific chief economist at IHS Markit, a world’s leading company providing analytics for major industries and markets. The reason why you should choose Vietnam to outsource:  1. Stable politics  Vietnam is a social republic and a one-party state, which has allowed for political stability. This has also translated to a stable business environment allowing businesses to thrive. 2. Good resistance to epidemics When the whole world is struggling with the Covid epidemic, Vietnam is one of the few countries with good anti-epidemic resistance. Thanks to timely anti-epidemic policies, Vietnam has effectively prevented epidemics and ensured people’s health. 3. Resistance of Vietnamese people As a country with a tropical monsoon climate, Vietnamese people are soon familiar with the harsh climate and are resistant to viruses that cause respiratory diseases. Besides that, the Vietnamese people’s habit of wearing masks is a very good premise to prevent the virus from spreading.
Vietnamese people have a habit of wearing a mask. That is an important factor helps us win the pandemic.
In most Vietnamese enterprises, employees often get a health check every year. Not to mention, in times of epidemic threats, the health of employees is also concerned more by many business owners. 4. Innovation  In recent years, Vietnam’s efforts to catch up with global innovation are laudable. In the 2020 report by the World Intellectual Property Organization, Vietnam was ranked 42 out of 131 nations in the Global Innovation Index [3]. The country has made great strides in its digital transformation journey in the advent of several “Make-in-Vietnam” products like akaBot (RPA), akaChain (blockchain), etc. In fulfilling the vision of jumping on the Industry 4.0 bandwagon, Vietnam is taking the first bold steps to deploy 5G. Initial commercial tests showed that 5G speed could reach 1.2 – 1.5 Gbps, meaning customers can download a 90-minute HD movie within only 30 seconds.  5. Low costs  Compared with many countries, the cost of hiring labor in Vietnam is relatively cheap. Supply chain shifts in the outsource real estate photo editing industry In a general trend of supply chain shifts, particularly for real estate photo retouching in Vietnam, where Beepec, one of the leading companies here, we are actively adapting to new changes, adapting to developments. 1.The epidemic compliance regulations were in place immediately – Beepec’s staff always have periodic health checks and ensure health throughout the working process. We also regularly propagate and remind our employees to take care of their health. – The sanitizer is always available. – Keep a distance while eating and drinking. – The rules of wearing a mask while at the company office were also applied as soon as an epidemic broke out.
Our staffs always wearing a mask when working in our office.
Other than that, Vietnam’s Ministry of Health is vaccinating people. This greatly increases the individual’s anti-virus capabilities. 2. Take the initiative to ensure service quality and turnaround time. Thanks to good anti-epidemic control, as well as the health of the editor team, the delivery time is also guaranteed. You do not have to worry that your editors will be sick now, or the next day they might disappear just because of their unhealthiness.
Beepec’s staffs are always aware of protecting their health.
Before going into the workstation, our staffs always need to wash their hands first.
That won’t happen if you choose Beepec, our team of more than 70 editors is always ready to serve you. With 24/7 service time, high capacity, and strict quality control, you will be assured that your photos will be taken care of completely well and deliver your photos back to you on time.  At Beepec, you will be served 24/7, supported by a CSO team with fluent English skills and a team of professional editors with extensive experience in real estate photo editing, virtual staging, video editing, floor plan The cost you pay for Vietnamese editors is usually not too high. Low cost, timely service… Besides all of that, what is the reason why you still hesitate to choose a Vietnamese editor? Beepec will be one of the top choices for you in the question to find a real estate photo editing partner who can handle all your work well, at a competitive cost.  Please feel free to contact us, we will bring magic to your real estate media production.