With photographers, finding their own photo editor is not an easy task. Then, when having the expected editors, you have to ask yourself that how to work successfully with them?  

The professional editors totally know what they need to do to help you transform your business. However, just like the other relationships, it needs time, effort and effective communication from both parties. 

Here are some tips for you to have a smooth work-flow with your editors. 

1. Understanding clearly about an editor’s time zone

In the real estate photography industry, editing companies or freelancers are mostly located in India and Southeast Asia, so their working time will be different from yours. Understanding their timezone will help you get their support more timely. From there, your work-flow will be smooth and especially save your time. 

However, the time zone difference is also a factor that affects the work-flow. Currently, many photo editing companies or freelances don’t have the night shift (according to their timezone). That means your daytime/working time is your editor’s nighttime/breaking time. Due to this reason, many photographers complain that they do not receive any support from their editors whenever they need to fix anything, or just have an urgent project. 

At Beepec, this kind of problem will be easily solved, since we have a team with 70+ editors and 3 working-shifts in a day. We work 24/7, even the holiday or nighttime on our side, so whenever you need our support, we are always ready and try our best to help you with anything we can. 

2. Finding editor who can speak English fluently

Many photographers say that the language barrier is one of the reasons that mostly prevents them from communicating with their editor. It can be said that it greatly affects the quality of the work-flow. Misunderstanding the instructions will make the final product wrong to the customer’s style. It will waste your time in back and forth too much, which can lead to the late delivery. Hence, to make communication more fluent, all you need to do is to find yourself an editor who can speak English fluently.

Just come to Beepec and experience this, our CSO department’s staff can use English superbly. They all have a long-time experience in working with foreigners. So, they can understand your information or instructions easily. Besides that, they have been trained to have the basic knowledge about photography in general and real estate photography in particular.

3. Constant and Clear Information

Your information which is given for your editors needs to be constant, clear and easy to understand. In case there is something which is hard to verbalize, images will be a helpful tool for you to express what you mean. Please be willing to give your editor screenshots with notes or examples which can show them what you are looking for.

Otherwise, ensure that your information is accurate and adequate, such as the input/output quantity, your expected delivery time and your specific requirements (objects removal, sky/Tv replacements, fire adding,…). It will make your editors follow your jobs smoothly and minimize any missing.

4. Don’t hesitate to give your feedback

Whether negative or positive, feedback/comment is always what the editors would like to receive from you. To improve the quality of work-flow, do not hesitate to express your mind about the product’s quality, delivery time or customer service….If you feel unhappy about anything, just let them know and work with them to solve the problem.

Be patient and continue giving them feedback, especially in the very first time you have worked with them. In some cases, the editors can give some suggestions which are helpful for your business (such as the ideal way of shooting, the better file’s format for your photos…).

Elon Musk has said: “It’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.”

That can be said that your editors are your partner, they are your team. So all the things that a team needsto do is help each other to be progressive. Help them is to help yourself.

5. Giving encouragement

Words of encouragement always have an uplifting effect on each person. Don’t hesitate to let your editors know how much you value their works. In some cases, you can give them tips for their great performance or timely support for your urgent projects… Even if your tips aren’t much, they can encourage your editors to keep up the good work or just pay more attention to your future jobs…

6. Be sympathetic

No one is perfect. Please remember that “We learn from mistakes”. Instead of giving them a harsh criticism for a mistake, just gently remind them. But if they still keep making the same mistake so many times, show them your strict attitude in order to make it not to happen again.

Building up a relationship with a professional editor can transform your business. They can be your right-hand men who are always ready to support you anytime you need. Treat them in the right way, they can lever your business.

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