beepec - How To Find New Clients on Facebook For Real Estate Photographers

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Today we want to help new photographers learning how to find clients through Facebook. This is one of the good way that we find clients also.
Facebook is not to be the best way for all but it’s really help some photographers take their business to the next level. 
And now, you can learn the way how you can implement this plan.

Step 1: Create a business page

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Step 1 is to create a business page, add your logo, your profile picture.
You can find some specific instructions here

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Just pick one of your favorite photos of a house that you’ve already taken and put it as your cover photo this is going to be something that when people land on it they’re going to be able to see it and see your quality of work right there

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The next step is going to the services section of your Facebook and adding in all the services that you offer. You can choose whether or not you want to put the prices in there or not.

Step 2: Make friend with real estate agents, realtors

In the next step, you need to send friend requests to every real estate agent that you possibly can on your personal Facebook page. The way that you can start finding these people is just going to the search bar on Facebook and type in ‘real estate agents near me’. What’s cool about this is when you start adding realtors, Facebook is actually going to start suggesting other realtors in the people you may know section of Facebook, this makes it incredibly easy to find more realtors so it’s just going down that rabbit hole of adding as many realtors as possible. It’s pretty easy to spot these realtors too as the majority of them have a professional headshot and also in their information section they put that they are a realtor with whatever agency they’re with realtors are eager to accept just about anyone’s friend request because they use Facebook as a marketing tool for them to find new clients.

Okay, so once you have a lot of real estate agents on your friend list you’re going to invite them to like your business page this is going to start the process of them knowing who you are, what services you offer and the quality that you give. Doing this is going to also make you more familiar in the community as a potential real estate photographer that they can use for the next properties.

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Step 3: Join Group and Pages

The next step is to join as many local real estate pages that you can in your area. When you find these groups, you’re going to go on there and post the homes that you shoot and you’re also going to tag the real estate agents, put down their contact info like their phone number that way other people know how to reach them so once you’ve put it on your business page and you’ve shared it to every local group that you can then share it to your personal Facebook page.
Doing it this way is going to simply put your name and the fact that you do real estate photography everywhere this is what you want for a successful marketing plan for Facebook. When you push it this many places every realtor in your area is going to see that you are doing work for certain realtors or other people it’s going to get them curious on who you are and why all of these people all of a sudden are using you want to make sure that you stay engaged in the realtors posts even if you’ve never shot with them before whenever they put up something like they just closed on a home or listed a new home congratulate them whatever just be friendly honestly just be friendly on Facebook in the comments under their posts.

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Don’t message them right off the bat, just comment things that would be friendly or just congratulate them on general things. This is gonna have you pop up in their mind and then they’re gonna wonder about you a little bit more and they might go to your page and do some digging on what you offer they may even contact you to do services for them just because you’ve been interacting with them under their posts okay so just to recap get your business page up and running on Facebook get it looking nice post all of the homes that you shoot on there step 3 is to find local groups that pertain to real estate in your area and add yourself to them.

Step 4: Post your porfolio photos

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Step 4 is just simply posting all of the houses that you shoot to your business page and then sharing them to all of those groups that you’ve added yourself to and then go that step further to share it to your personal page that way all of the realtors that are on your page are going to see all of the work that you’re doing all the time in many different places this is going to make your branding recognizable and they’re going to become familiar with what you offer and who are you are working with. If you do this correctly, this will absolutely lead to more clients. In this way, we get around 100+ of our clients. Honestly this is one of the easiest ways to find people because realtors are already hanging out here. It’s super easy and if you’re already going to be on Facebook you might as well be making money from it


Alright guys, so that’s all we have for this lesson on how to get client through Facebook .
If you have any other ideas, feel free let us know!

Good luck!
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