Winter comes is the time that many real estate photographers have to struggle with getting a good photo. Overcast weather, without sunshine, otherwises, there is snow or rain… making it more difficult than ever to get all the details for the house.

The output photos also cannot be as beautiful and glorious as those taken in spring or summer. This is one of the main factors that greatly affects the productivity as well as the profit margins of photographers.

However, thanks to modern technology, as well as the increasing editing skill of photo editors, it is totally possible to turn a photo taken in bad weather conditions into a beautiful photo as if shot in sunny weather, with full light.

What is Season Conversion?

Season Conversion in photography is a technique of converting a photograph which is taken in a weather condition to another. Specifically, in real estate photography, almost requests are to convert a photo from winter to spring or summer, with the sunlight and vivid scenery.

Why is it necessary to convert photos from winter to spring/summer?

In the pictures taken in winter, it is inevitable that the details of the house are obscured by a thick layer of snow. The driveway, pavement are wet due to melting snow… Trees and the surrounding scenery is covered with snow, or they are withered, dead, yellow… This makes the image look gloomy, dull, lifeless and not vivid. This is the reason why the real estate market in winter is often slow and has faced many difficulties in selling. Therefore, bringing life to a photo taken in the winter will be highly effective in the sales process.

Steps to do Season Conversion for a photo:

– Recreating the tree, making the surrounding trees more fresh and alive.

– Clearing snow.

– Replacing the grass

– Adding blue sky

So, who do you need to work with to get the highest quality Season Conversion?

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