Real Estate Agents, BEEPEC Will Save YOU Tons of Cash with This Marketing Tip!

Are you in a dilemma because of the massive amount of money you invest doing listing marketing campaigns which require hiring a professional photographer?

Do you desire to achieve the best possible result with the least investment capital by doing your own photography but your images do not compare to A Top Producer’s Images?

Put BEEPEC on your Marketing Team to produce Better Professional Photography then most Top Producers.

Every Professional Photographer will tell you the easy part is taking the images and the hardest part is EDITING THE IMAGES. It is very possible your Photographer uses professional editors, which is called Outsourcing. BEEPEC edits thousands of images every day taken by professional photographers who sell them to agents like you. Rather than paying them on average $20 to $30 or more per image you can pay us as little as a dollar.

You are marketing the property and know what images need to be taken. Why are you telling someone else what you want? You take the images, send them to us and we will edit them for you.

Do your images look as bad as these?


In a virtual world, the first impression attracts potential clients. The importance of visual aspect cannot be described by words alone in online marketing. It’s reported that professional photos help sell the properties up to 50% faster. That is certainly a number desired by every real estate agent. House shoppers spend up to 60% of their time flipping through listing but only spend 20% in the properties’ description. 83% of them think that it’s the featured photos that make the biggest impact for a first impression. BEEPEC will make all your photos Professionally Done that is taken by you.


Have you listened to your photographer’s camera as they take images? They push down the shutter button and the camera automatically clicks several times. Each click is one image being saved by the camera. This is called Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB) Most DSLRs take 3 to 5 images automatically which are called brackets. All you need is a DSLR that does AEB, a 10 to 40 mm lens, and a tripod and all you have to do is pushing a button and everything goes on automatically. No longer rely on a photographer. you’re free to take as many bracketed images as you wish and from as many angles as you want. Above all, you’ll be able to do that on your own with your bank account intact. Unbelievable, right?

How do you set auto exposure bracketing? To set up auto-exposure bracketing, set your camera in aperture priority, click the BKT button on the back of your camera, or find AEB, or Automatic Exposure Bracketing, in your camera menu. You’ll see a scale that allows you to establish the width of the bracket in full stops or fractions thereof. That means you can set the bracket for, say, +1 and -1.

Here are 5 brackets taken with a Nikon D7500 with a Nikkor 10–40 mm lens.


Here is the final image that was processed by BEEPEC’s Editors.


Your seller will be impressed that you are their professional photographer. As you do a walkthrough of their home you can provide your list of how they can prepare for you to take the images. You will be able to come and go freely several times a day to catch the sunrise, high noon, and sunset images without having to pay return fees to someone else.

We know what you’re wondering: “Why not use our own iPhones?”. In some aspects, those smartphones in your hand do produce some pretty decent photos but they will never beat the real deal — the cameras that are born to do the job. The higher end properties need a professional finish to their photos. But smaller homes with low ceilings an iPhone might be ideal. Whoa! Slow down, don’t post the photos just yet! They could be dark and shadowy or slanted sideways for all you know. This is when we raise you a solution. Your Team BEEPEC editors will enhance these iPhone images as well.

Outsource Real Estate Photo Editing Services is the answer for all of your needs. Wallet-friendly, rapid turnaround time and undeniably helpful, BEEPEC Photo Editing Company is known as one of the top real estate photo editing companies and proudly serving hundreds of clients from individuals to organizations worldwide.

BEEPEC Guarantees

Process blending multi-images of different temperature and brightness flawlessly.

100% satisfaction with our unlimited change guaranteed

Color cast problems because of poor weather or white balance will be solved.

Is the home vacant BEEPEC does Virtual Staging.

Can you draw a floor plan? We will make your Floor Plan using your drawing.

Quality photo edits in 12–24 hours.

Free Trial 03 image enhancements.

No subscriptions, tokens, or memberships required.

Same Price for 3, 5, or 7 bracketed images.

Your listing will always have blue skies and puffy clouds for no additional charge.

You will be able to see out the windows or doors.

The interior images will all have the same brightness.

All images will have the correct perspective and verticals.

White balance is automatically done.

24/7 customer service.

Our services include:

– Real Estate Photo Editing/Video Editing

– Day To Dusk Editing

– Digital Declutter

– 2D/ 3D Floor Plan

– Virtual Staging

Send us your work, you won’t be disappointed!

Hundreds of real estate agents confirmed that their listings were well presented and sellers were happy that their homes being marketed in such professional manner.




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