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We are Real Estate Photo Editing Company and located in Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • Emai: or
  • Chat with us through the chat icon at right bottom
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  • Monday  – Saturday: Open
  • Sunday: Open 07:00 PM to 12:00 AM (CST time)

  • Real Estate Photo/Portrait/Panorama Editing and Day to Dusk services: 12 - 15 hours. 
  • Video/Slideshow Editing, Virtual Staging, Floorplan and Renovation: 24 hours

We are offering a free trial for 02 services:
  • Real Estate Photo Editing: 03 photos
  • Day to Dusk conversion: 01 photo

You can upload your files via Google Drive, Dropbox or Wetransfer. And then send us the link of your order to our email address: along with relevant information.

We can work with all types of photo: JPG, TIFF, PSD, PNG or DNG, CR2, CR3, ARW... and video raw format.

Our pricing is from $0.8 USD as a net flat rate. Besides, we always suggest our customer to get a free trial, so that we can evaluate the inputs following clients' request in order to have a specific quotation.

In case, you need a rush delivery, please inform us firstly so that we can arrange our work and prioritize your order if it is possible. After that we will check with our team and let you know if we can proceed with it or not.

In that case, we'll fix them until you are satisfied with the correction. Small changes will not be charged. 

Otherwise, we always try our best to maintain the stable quality with our own guideline and following customers’ editing style/instruction.

Our editors have been trained to have the ability of keeping pace with all customers’ editing style. Besides, we strictly follow 3 steps (Editing - Quality Assurance - Quality Control) to ensure the stable quality throughout our workflow. So all of our editors can edit and follow your editing style smoothly.

Yes, we can. We can ensure that your original and edited photos will not be published/advertised or accessible to any third-party or any persons who don't have authority without your permission.

We always keep our customers’ inputs and outputs in 15 days.

We are used to using Paypal as the payment method. After each job has been completed, we will send you an email along with the Paypal link.

Besides PayPal platform, you can send us your payment via Western Union, Wire Transfer or Wise

The pricing that we give you is the net flat rate, meaning it doesn't include any fees. In case, it has any extra fees, we will inform you.

We are now using USD in all transactions.

According to our policy, for your first order, please make a deposit in advance for 50%-100% of the total payment amount. And for your next orders, you can make your payments after that order has been completed.

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