As Simple and Subtle as a Scandinavian Home

Today’s location will be Scandinavia — a lovely area in Northern Europe that is surplus of snow and water, yet, Scandinavian style is still elegant and full of amenities of all sorts of marine designs.

The white of snow and brown of soil that makes us feel like ice and earth seemingly influence their living space. Despite the development of electronics, the traditional Scandinavian essence remains in their interior designs till these days.

If Scandinavian style could be described in three words, they would be functional, simple and elegant. Let us walk you through some of their signature features to get a closer look at a true Scandinavian style.




White is the dominant color of this style, creating an illusion that the house is more spacious than it truly is, thus Scandinavian style is suitable for small apartments. However, an all-white apartment would look bare and lack of highlight. That is when the Blue make an appearance. If you want to follow the conventional way of this style, bring in a little sea flavor. White and Blue will be a dynamic duo.




Wood is what always appears in the architecture of the Nordic region, together with the rocks, this land is like the paradise of a warm, deep oak cabin with stone pavilions and stone walkways. When it comes to modern design, natural wood is less refined and used, often found in decorative ornaments as well as in furniture and sometimes in support of columns and beams.




Light is always a requirement of this kind of space. The best way to create a perfect Scandinavian home is to let natural light flood in your room instead of using too much artificial lighting equipment. A Scandinavian styled room always needs fresh, simple lighting and that is one of the simplest ways to achieve this.


The patterns are crisp with delicate colors


Gray, white and earthy tones are the most common colors in Scandinavian style homes. These colors are blended with the deep colors of subtle patterns. They not only emphasize the tone of the pattern but also make your home look luxurious.

Scandinavian style is truly for owners who prefer the simplicity and elegance. Simple architecture, tasteful furniture choice, who does not love it?

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