Is ‘Real Estate Photography Marketing Ideas’ is one of your concerns this year? Please also find some suggestions in our article.

Real Estate Photography Marketing Ideas

Whether you are a newbie or or you’ve been in photography for a while, ALL of us have had slow times in business.

However, the important is how will you deal with the problem?

You (yes, YOU!) As the CEO and No. 1 fan of your business, your mission is to boost your Real Estate Photography brand BEST to increase your booking list and fill the gaps in your work schedule.

Before getting into the reality marketing tips that we’ve prepared for you, firstly we’d like to share something with you.

Many of us seem to have the mindset of “could not find customers“, so what we need you to do is change your mind right now. What you should ask is ‘’How can potential customers find us quickly and easily?’’, not ‘’How to get more customers?’’

You, a business owner and marketer, your mission is to make your business visible, accessible, and stimulate customer outreach desires.

And now, immerse yourself in it!

When you change your mind like that, we promise, your marketing job will be smoother and more meaningful. No one wants to hire desperate photographers. Don’t be that girl. Be the girl who happens to be everywhere and makes them impossible to ignore.

Now, if you want to be the second girl, listen! Because we have 11 Real Estate Photography Marketing Ideas in the year 2021!

We want to take a quick note here. Basically, almost all of the 11 tips here are FREE and capable, however they can also have some paid options. We will explain more as we continue.

Although you’ve been in this field for a while or you’re brand new, you’ll be able to find AT LEAST three tips on this list that you can start working on TODAY!


This can be free or paid depending on your decision. 

Making direct connections allows people to see you, not only your business, but also your brand name. If you are an extrovert, this is a great marketing tactic and we highly recommend it. If you are not, just wait, we have some coming for you as well, don’t worry.



These feedbacks need to appear ANYWHERE! Your blog, instagram, facebook fanpage. Everywhere. Start showing the great things others have said while working with you and igniting potential customers’ desire to get in touch. No one wants to be missed, so let’s ignite some business success by showing how great you are when your customers work with you!


Record livestream videos on social networking platforms.

You might not like it, but the video is hugely interactive. You can get a great deal of engagement when you record videos of yourself and your face. Do you love this? Maybe not, but it’s actually very helpful. If you are going to own a business, sometimes you will have to do something you don’t like and this is one of them. Show your face, let others see you and hear your voice, personalize your brand, your daily work. People buy goods, services from people they like and trust.

#4 START AN EMAIL LIST is one of THE BEST Real Estate Photography Marketing Ideas

If you haven’t already, do it now! You can try email marketing services like Hubspot, Mailchimp, or whichever platform you find suitable. 

More importantly, however, an email list is how you can reach out to your potential OR current and past customers with upcoming offers and events which are currently running. Build it. Know it. Love it. Use it. Our email list stays on the minds of our clients, reminding them that we are here and helping you to book special events that we will take place! You definitely can ignore this when you are searching real estate photography marketing ideas.


Look for small business owners you can cooperate with. You can cross-promote by doing shoots, hosting events, offering your services to them, recommending them on your blog or asking to be featured on their blog. Whatever! There are many ways you can collaborate with others in your area.


First of all, you should have a website and that website includes a blog.

You need to post pictures of your favorite photo and photo sessions and write the content that people want to read! This helps to promote SEO, search engine optimization, and attract visitors to your website!

Your website needs to be kept up-to-date, don’t let anyone tell you it’s old!

Your photos always need to appear carefully when delivered to customers and on social networks. Use a reputable photo editor at a very affordable price, the example here is BEEPEC. You can get more information HERE. Trust me, you cannot be good at marketing, shooting and editing at the same time. Besides, we have many other tasks to do.


This is a good time to remind your customers! Email them, post in your Facebook group… whatever! Contact them and remind them what they will get when sending you their referrals.

If you haven’t, it’s time to get started! Referrals are one of the leading ways that my business always gets new customers. Seriously, referrals have made a HUGE contribution to our photography business! So I highly recommend you pay attention to this!


If you want to give away a free lesson, useful online material… Do it! This helps you get to know your audience is around here and will resonate well with them.

Great idea, right? There are so many ideas that you can think of, and you have a lot of free time. It is one of the most real estate photography marketing ideas also.

#9 INTERACT ON SOCIAL NETWORKS is Real Estate Photography Marketing Idea ALSO

Interact, comment, follow, like.

Do all of these things.

Don’t make them mechanically copy and paste common comments.

Be thoughtful and intentional! Reach out and network with the people you want to connect with. No one likes a spammer.


This is another not-so-difficult way to show your appreciation and make your customers want to talk and get back to you. Send hand written thank you notes, (not email). It is very cheap to do or otherwise you can choose online card printing services, it is also a good choice.

Send them a thank you note from your business and share that you’re doing your job well. This reminds them “I AM HERE, IF YOU WANT TO TAKE A PHOTO DO NOT FORGET ME!” without saying anything else. Plus, it’s a nice thing worth doing.

#11 PUMP UP SEO need to be added to Real Estate Photography Marketing Ideas in 2021

Now, this is another job that is completely free OR you can invest in it to improve efficiency. Chances are if you are just starting out, you will want to do this yourself and this is a big and terrifying problem. 

This is not effective quickly, but it’s worth it in the long run. If you are just starting out or can’t afford to hire someone to do SEO for you, I recommend studying at Fuel Your Photos, a great SEO-focused site for photographers to help you find the real estate photography marketing ideas.

They have a large group on Facebook that is free to join and is very active as well as some great free resources. They also have paid courses that you can invest in if you’re willing or a little more serious about your SEO.

Yes, this is a long job, but the payoffs will be huge!

Besides referrals, Google and SEO are the other top ways that many photographers get massive traffic, more orders and more shooting booking for their businesses.

Above are all 11 Real Estate Photography Marketing Ideas that we recommend to you! Good luck!


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