Real Estate Photo Editing: Why company becomes a better choice than freelancer?

Year-over-year, when peak-home buying seasons are coming, real estate photographers will be busier than ever. They will have a ton of works need to be complete to meet the deadlines. And that is the reason why they need an assistant to help them maintaining and raising their own business in this competitive market.

The more demand increase, the more suppliers’ amount will be raised. Otherwise, outsourcing is becoming one of the most effective ways for photographers to reduce the cost, especially to improve the final products. As a result, nowadays, when you seek professional photo editors, there are so many options for you to choose. That is the reason why, sometimes, photographers will wonder who is the best choice between freelancer vs companies. Let’s take a closer look and get an answer for this question.

1. Available and continuous support

A photo editing company has many staffs to take care all shifts of a working day to ensure that you can get their support 24/7, even the holidays. But freelancers will disappear sometimes. They are typically working on several projects at the same time, so one day they can suddenly become ghosts. That means when you need their support immediately, they might be unavailable.

You may not know that working with 10 customers in a day can make a freelance editor to be overloaded. He can be muddled and don’t know what to do or arrange his works such as editing, supporting customers,…  As a result, the quality won’t be good at all because he undertakes all positions by himself. No one might be online 24/7 and ready to assist you every time you need. So are you sure that you can accept a lower price and barter your work’s quality, even your reputation, your business

2. Diversity of products/services

As we know, it is really hard to find a freelancer who can work on many kinds of products. So that when you choose a freelancer who is the expert in just only one of your services. After that, you need to find someone else who can handle your other products. While you can easily find those services in the same company.

Collective expertise is one of the most important advantages of a photo editing company. With a company, you can receive more services from more than one professional, such as photo retouching, day to dusk conversion, virtual staging,..

Photo Editing

Day to Dusk Conversion

Virtual Staging

3. Care about client’s products

A photo editing company value their reputations and strive to develop high-quality products that get positive feedback and clients’ satisfaction after they are launched. While freelancer can become a ghost and disappear without any other support.

4. Up-to-date clients’ style, trends and technologies

The photo editing company is always constantly evolving and improving. They are aware of current photo/video editing or 3D rendering softwares in order to have the ability to provide up-to-date solutions. They always spend a part of their budget to improve their equipments to keep pace with modern technologies.

Besides, a company is completely flexible whenever a customer would like to change or update their styles.

5. Long-term relationship

Companies prefer building relationships of trust with individual clients and implementing projects for those clients over the long-term. This is more efficient for companies than focusing on the quantity of incoming projects.

As a result, to be a loyal customer of a company, you can get some advantages or priorities as a gratefulness.

6. Data confidentiality

The photo editing company often has their own policies to secure customers’ data. The company can ensure that your original and edited photos will not be published/advertised or accessible to any third-party or any persons who don’t have authority without your permission.

Bee Photo Editing company can be the best choice for you

– Always available and support rapidly: We work 24/7 even the holidays so don’t hesitate to ask us whenever you need our assistance. We work very hard to build the best solution to deliver amazing customer support. So we always listen and receive feedback from our clients to improve the output quality.

– Besides photo editing, Beepec are now offering the other services such as: Video Editing, Day to Dusk Conversion, Floor Plan, Virtual Staging… with many experienced photo/video editors and 3D operators.

– Always care about quality with adherence to 3 steps (Editing – Quality Assurance – Quality Control) in order to ensure the stable quality throughout our workflow.

– Beepec frequently update customer’s new style, new editing trends or technologies and train editors to improve the quality and the speed as well.

– Beepec is always open with dealing the best pricing for customers. We have the different price levels which are competitive and preferential for loyal customers who have a large daily production volume. And obviously, the quality will be stable.

Let Beepec become your companion on your own journey!

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