Virtual Furniture – An Art Of Selling Residences


Just like exterior is the face of a house, interior design is the heart, the soul. You cannot deny that a trendy furnished residence is always going to catch your eye first, regardless your purchase intention because an up-to-date looking house can trick you into thinking that it is more luxury than it truly is. What you probably do not know is that there is a mojo for that and it costs you next to nothing.


Virtual Furniture – Solution For Vacant Houses

Virtual Staging or Virtual Furniture refers to a technique in real estate photography editing process where 3D artists decorate your house using furniture created in 3D software. This method is widely used by agents, marketing agency, builders… in order to help buyers visualize the potential of a house.

In the era of technology, this approach is preferred over the original way of Home Staging which uses actual products (art pieces, rugs, vases, etc) to enhance features of a property. Comparing to traditional Home Staging, Virtual Staging service or Virtual Furniture services costs considerably less amount and also not as time-consuming.

The only real challenge when it comes to Virtual Staging seems to be how realistic the furniture can be and it is no longer the problem for an experienced editing service like

We are Beepec – Real Estate Media Production Company and we are here to show you how stunning your properties can be after we perform our magic. Trying our Virtual Staging package, not only are you going to experience our laze-like serving speed but also you will have a chance to use our unique feature like nowhere else has. Only and only at Beepec you are able to choose your own furniture in a catalog containing hundreds of stunning templates that look just as trendy and realistic as the real deal.


Virtual Renovation – Even Furnished Houses Can Be Better


Good news is, Virtual Furniture is not strictly for vacant space, even a furnished house can be better.

That brings us to the next question: When do you need Virtual Renovation?

Virtual Renovation is needed when you either own a messy house or already have a furniture filled space but still desire to take your home to top-notch on property listings, in that case, Beepec will offer to remove all of the old furniture, digital declutter any unwanted objects in the house and replace them with well-suit furniture. This method mimics the actual physical renovation process, only uses less manual power. Virtual Renovation truly is the answer for any client that wants to take their properties to another level.


Is Virtual Furniture Really Needed?

Apparently, according to Real Estate Staging Association, well-staged residences spend 73 percent less time on the market, meaning they are being sold faster than empty houses and for better prices as well. Comparing to a bare property, a house that is carefully furnished and decorated always being viewed as more professional looking, hence, attracts more buyers, increases the chance of being purchased.

Cheaper and less time consuming than traditional Home Staging, a lot more professional than a bare space, Virtual Furniture is essential to anyone that intends to sell their properties.  

Come and visit us at We will make your wildest dream come true.

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