Why Use Video In Real Estate?

In this highly competitive market, creating real estate videos is an essential factor to promote a property. It provides a bird’s-eye view of how stunning a place can look with virtual furniture presentations. Hence, we try to provide an incomparable level of service in listing videos for real estate presentations.
We strongly believe that there is nothing more realistic of a real estate virtual image than showcasing a picturesque panoramic and cinematic video of the area. Our video presentations are the best in the industry as we provide a clearer, more distinct and extensive overview of the real estate’s on sale than by merely presenting pictures.
Our video real estate presentations can provide the customer the perfect virtual perception of the place they want to buy. Moreover, we exhaust all our resources to create a well presented commercial video of a real estate to generate more leads and sales. Thus, our services have become widely and highly beneficial to real estate companies.
We further promote a good presentation of the dwelling that prospective buyers would love to acquire. Over the course of time, our company is proud to say that we were able to strategize an effective marketing campaign for various realtors. We provide a two-way success, good revenue for our clients and a great investment for our client’s buyers.
These are just some of the benefits that our clients have satisfactorily received. We take pride in providing a high-quality standard of a real estate marketing video. We only provide a well-planned and cost-effective visual communication of a real estate marketing campaign. With this, we would like to list them down into four major advantages that contributed to the success of some realtors.

Effective Call to Action Marketing Strategy

We designed our video presentations in an appealing manner that customers will have no choice but be enticed to call the realtors. We firmly believe that when a video presentation is nicely placed, people will get attracted to it. When people get engrossed with the video, their first instinct is to react and instantly inquire about it. That is how effectively we used of our video presentation in a real estate marketing campaign.

Comprehensive Coverage of Information

Our real estate video marketing provides a complete and wide presentation of valuable information that buyers or customers would love to know. In a short span of the video presentation, all questions, including the features, room sizes, and other important requirements that all customers are looking for are well presented and well-defined.
Our marketing video can also boost the chances of higher revenues over a real estate by creating an appealing and inviting teaser that will make everyone buzz about it.

Powerful Advertising Campaign

Unlike a simple picture gallery where the buyers are only limited to view smaller scales of spaces of a real estate, our video production provides a comprehensive view of the entire vista. Our video can present well the extensive parts of the real estate. Therefore, we help the realtors to provide a definite perspective and a realistic overview of the amenities and features of a real estate.
It is also our own beliefs that people are more enticed and entertained with a live motion picture than a mere picture. This is why we create a real estate video marketing masterpiece to produce a powerful advertising campaign for our clients.

Increase SEO Efficiency

Due to its greater chances of being viewed, our video presentation of real estate properties can also increase SEO efficiency. SEO keywords can be used in the title and Meta data of a real estate video marketing. This will give an extra push to possible leads and revenues.
Needless to say, real estate depends greatly on moving visuals when it comes to online marketing. The moving pictures of visual furniture and amenities shown in the marketing video campaign of a real estate can invite more valuable prospects, making more people talk and share about it. This will further generate promising leads and sales.
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14 High End Editing Steps

  1. 1. Transitions
  2. 2. Cut And Trim
  3. 3. Color Correction
  4. 4. Video Stabilization
  5. 5. Adjust Video Speed
  6. 6. Select And Arrange Clips
  7. 7. Adjust Brightness & Contrast
  1. 8. Voice Over
  2. 9. Google Tour
  3. 10. Straighten Video
  4. 11. Properties Informations
  5. 12. Agent Information intro/outro
  6. 13. Motion Graphic For Logo & Text
  7. 14. Lens fix (with gopro, fisheyes or drone fisheyes lens)

Listing Videos

Listing videos are the bread and butter of real estate video marketing. Showing off the listings you represent in an attractive and engaging video is an effective way to attract new leads.

Drone Video

We can help you showcase your industrial or commercial real estate facilities from the air by creating a very personal tour that will show your stakeholders everything your company has to offer.

Agent Profile Videos

The awesome thing about video is that it allows home buyers and sellers to get to know the person behind the screen. People want to work with real people. So tell them a little bit about yourself—your real estate experience, your hobbies, your family, your successes, even a funny story.

Testimonial Videos

Happy, satisfied clients are the best advertisers for your real estate brand. Testimonial videos let home buyers hear it “straight from the horse’s mouth” when it comes to your work ethic and your ability to close efficiently and timely.


Slideshow to explain the parameters of selling estate, including houses, apartments or commercial buildings. Can be used by real estate agencies or brokers to promote their properties. Start to promote your business with ease using this multi purpose video project.