Let Your Business Become Easier With Offshore Photography Editing Outsourcing

As we all know, this time is the peak season in the real estate market. That means photographers will be busier with a ton of photos which need to be perfect before they can be delivered to their clients.

You are a professional photographer, with high and flawless techniques. However, you don’t have enough time to make your photos to be more fabulous. Or simply, you are really tired after a long day of shooting. That is the reason why offshore photography editing outsourcing has become the most popular and helpful tool for all photographers.

What is “Offshore outsourcing”?

We have heard a lot about “Offshore outsourcing” in recent years. But not so many people can understand and define exactly the meaning of this phrase. Some praise it with the countless benefits it provides. Some others claim that this is one way of taking your jobs to another who is far away from your location. To sum up, we can understand this phrase easily as follow:

Offshore outsourcing is the process relocating your office jobs to other countries with lower labor costs but equal expertise. This involves setting up the remote staffs who will perform some, if not most, of your job functions so you can focus on the core of your business.

Benefits of offshore photography editing outsourcing

Nowadays, with the development of information technology, offshore outsourcing solutions are extending in many more fields: Communications, Financial Services, Technology… and Photography Editing is not an exception.

The peak season is coming, it means so many real estate photography companies and photographers are now looking for outsourcing due to ever-increasing overhead costs. Offshore outsourcing is a viable way to remain competitive in an increasingly aggressive global environment.

Hence, most photographers tend to cooperate with online photo editors. So here are the reasons for their choice:

Cheaper labor costs and improved output

Over the years, photo editing online is becoming more popular in some countries, especially ASEAN… Which are just the developing country? And when a photographer has an offshore photo editing outsourcing, they can save their money due to the difference between the current value of the developing country and the developed ones. In other words, photographers can get high-end quality works at cheaper costs ever.

Fast turnaround time

In general, “Turnaround time” is the period for completing a process cycle. In photography editing, this phrase is commonly defined as the time of arrival.

After a day-long going outside to shoot, photographers will come back to their homes with a huge workload. If they decide to edit the photos by themselves, it can affect their time frame with clients. It is really detrimental to their business.

With a different time zone, photographers just need to send their job at night and will get them back in the next day’s morning. The fact is that the photographer could not have enough time to accomplish all of their photos, meanwhile, they always want to get their jobs back rapidly, at the time photography editing outsourcing will be the best choice than the other ways. The faster the client receives their photos, the happier they will be.

Business with happy clients receives more referrals and more sales, keeping them in business longer. Photographers also can save a ton of time for improving themselves or enjoy free time with their family. Those values cannot be measured in money.

Cost reductions of up to 50% with 50% faster

Availability of highly educated offshore business specialists

With cutting-edge software and editor’s high technique, the process will be shortened. Professional editors understand thoroughly the product characteristics, so they can know exactly which needs to be done with each kind of product. Otherwise, with a long time of skill cultivation and rapid manipulation, they can help photographers can save a ton of time. 

BEE Photo Editing Company (BEEPEC) is so proud of being one of the most photo editing company that gathered all those factors in the real estate photography industry.


The management team at BEEPEC will save you the time recruiting and training personnel to your specifications. Your offshore team will be dedicated to your continued business success and will achieve excellence in productivity levels.

Excellent work ethics

Skilled and globally competitive individuals

University educated professionals

A high degree of proficiency in the English language


Initially, we take the time to fully understand your business, your processes. Our quality assurance staffs will refine your processes to ultimately save you time and money. Your jobs will be processed with consistent quality and customer service efficiency.

We have 40+ professional editors who work 24/7 and always available to support you until you are satisfied with the final products.


Fast doesn’t mean compromising on quality. The quality ever a top factor that outsourcing commits with you. It is hard to deliver but that’s what BEEPEC is focused on doing.

Why don’t you come to us shortly? New friends, new partners! BEEPEC will give our best and always exceed your expectations. Let us become your “strong right hand” and support you to reach your business goal.

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