Benefits From Using Of Our Services

Image enhancement is the procedure of customizing and improving digital images in order to get a more suitable and desirable display. It is the process of removing noise, sharpening or brightening an image which is popularly employed in business marketing strategy. It provides a wonderful and inviting presentation of the properties and products for sale online.
Our highly accredited real estate photo editing services intensely deliver flawless images quickly, accordingly, and economically. Our professional photo editors would meticulously look into the details of the images to improve their quality. When you speak about image quality you are referring to the color precision, exact brightness, flawless background removal or alteration, and accurate adjustments.
In addition, image editing also includes path clipping and masking to obtain the desired results that the clients would love to present. Another retouching service that an image enhancement involves is HDR photo editing. So, if you want to make some alterations and editing in your HDR photography, you can also have it undergo in our image enhancement process.
One of the most important factors in a marketing campaign of realtors or business owners online is providing well-enhanced images of the properties or products they are selling. Hence, our image enhancement and other types of editing photos are no doubt highly beneficial. Here are some of the benefits of this process.

Be Ahead of the Competition

When you get more attention to your enhanced photos, more visitors and prospects will get enticed to check you out and the properties you are selling. Images can speak louder with the brand image that you are trying to convey. It plays a significant role in the marketing campaign of any businesses.

Enhanced Work Progress

Creating a well-presented photo enhancement product will make your marketing campaign more effective of inviting more prospects, making any marketing work more efficient. Therefore, you will be saving plenty of time in marketing. This further transforms your company’s workflow in a more effective and progressive manner.

Generating More Sales

Employing photo enhancements for marketing purposes ensure to attract more prospective buyers. If you want to get noticed online, you can do this by presenting incredibly stunning and impressive photo presentations. This will make people buzz about them and your company. Once people start talking about your business or property, they will get enticed to visit and contact you. This will lift you up for more sales. In just a short span of time, see your sales get higher than ever. So, if you need help in fixing your photos, you can get it through image enhancement.

Get Noticed By Attracting Prospective Customers

Flawlessly enhanced photos can do so much than just mere presentations of business products or properties. The procedure is more than just that. When your business can present appealing images to the customers, it is one way of attracting prospective customers. This will further make people talk about your offer. Thus, your business gets to be noticed. Moreover, your business will generate more leads and sales.

20+ Steps Enhancement Process

  1. 1. White balancing
  2. 2. Tone adjustment
  3. 3. Image sharpening
  4. 4. Lens distortion removal
  5. 5. Brightness & contrast adjustment
  6. 6. HDR processing with indoor window replacement
  1. 7. Dust spot removal
  2. 8. TV screen replacement
  3. 9. Outdoor sky replacement
  4. 10. Lawn enhancement & repair
  5. 11. Vertical & horizontal straightening
  6. 12. Adding fire to fireplaces where needed

HDR Processing

HDR processing will add a more dramatic range to your photo to create an image more like what your eyes see than what the camera captures, while replacing the indoor windows means you can showcase both the interior and the view out the window. For experienced photographers only.

White Balancing

White balancing allows objects that are white in person to be rendered white in the photo so the property can be shown in its best light. White balancing will remove yellowed or off-white discolouration and create a bright, crisp image.

Image Sharpening

Image sharpening is an important process in ensuring your photos are top quality with a professional finish. Sharpening the image will emphasise texture and improve the overall quality of your photo.

Vertical & Horizontal Straightening

A great photo is all about composition. An image with a wonky horizon can make a photo look unprofessional, while incorrect vertical lines can make an image look distorted or as if the walls are leaning backwards. Correcting these issues will make for a photo that is pleasing to the eye.

Lens Distortion Removal

When shooting without all of the professional equipment or the incorrect lens, distortion can occur as the lens tries to squeeze as much into the photo frame as possible. As a result, straight lines will be visibly curved. This can be rectified and will ensure the walls are straight.

Brightness & Contrast Adjustment

A bright photo with the correct contrast is great to look at and more likely to draw a potential buyer’s attention. Adjusting these elements will create depth, making the photo more engaging and inviting the viewer into the image.

Outdoor Sky Replacement

Don’t let a gloomy day ruin your photos. The professional editing team at BEEPEC can replace a dark sky with a beautiful sunset or clear, blue skies to show potential buyers just how stunning the view can be.

Lawn Enhancement, Repair or Replace

A perfect lawn is important when selling a home because it adds to the curb appeal. Repairing a lawn that may be a little brown from a lack of rain or replacing sections can show potential buyers just how great the lawn can be.

Tone Adjustment

Tone adjustment is a great tool to add a dramatic effect to an image or a light mood, depending on the type of photo. When it comes to selling property, the correct tone will help an image appear bright and welcoming.

TV Screen Replacement

While TVs have made great advances in their look, a black box is unappealing in a beautiful lounge room, so replacing the blank screen with a beautiful image can really enhance the photo and the mood of the room. It is also a great way to hide any unwanted reflections that may be on the screen, such as a flash or people in the room.

Dust Spot Removal

Dust can be hard to spot on a lens, especially the small lens of a smart phone. But dust spots that can blur your photo or leave a mark can be removed to help create a perfect photo.

Adding Fire to Fireplaces

Show just how cosy and inviting a room can be by adding a warming fire in the fireplace. Adding a fire will grab the viewer’s attention and is likely to evoke homely feelings of comfort.