Contemporary Style — When Boldness and Elegance Can be Harmonized

Contemporary style does not refer to a specific design but rather cover a range of different styles so the design tends to be hard to pinpoint. However, it can still be identified through three main elements: space, furniture and color usage.



                                                             A stunning contemporary mansion


There is a lot of space in a contemporary-styled residence, less is more when it comes to both exterior and interior. While the exterior is kept clean and sharp, furniture is always placed in a way that does not create cramped feelings for the homeowner.



                                               A contemporary coffee table with unusual cut


Furniture pieces for this style are just unique, sometimes quite abstract. Smooth, clean cut and mostly monocolor, contemporary furniture emit a futuristic vibe that no other styles do.


Color Usage

                                            A contemporary bathroom with unique shaped tub


One of the easiest elements to identify contemporary style is the usage of colors. Neutral shades such as cream, brown, taupe or black are among the most popular. Besides that, vibrant colors such as orange or purple can also be found in a piece of furniture or building parts, acting as highlights, give the property an extra “oomph” to make the design really pop.


Contemporary style vs. Modern style

Contemporary style is more of a distant cousin to Modern design than a sibling. Even though they do share similarities to a certain level, there are major differences between them.

                  A contemporary living room with neutral colors like grey, white, cream and black
                     A modern living room with much warmer color like cream, brown, red and purple


Contemporary design does not refer to any style in particular so the architecture and furniture choice tend to be more fluid. At the moment, glass and metal are among the most popular materials. On the other hand, modern style refers to a specific period of time from the 50s’ to 60s’ and wood is mainly used.

Architecture wise, even though both styles prefer crips lines, in modern design, they are not as bold and sharp as in contemporary. In a way, they are softer and rounder.

Another difference worth mentioning is the usage of colors in both styles. While contemporary style uses a lot of bold, more masculine colors like white, black, grey, modern design leans toward warmer, earthier colors such as brown and cream.

Contemporary is a statement for the hard-headed, for the ones who are daring but still want to keep a little bit of elegance in them. If you are a person with such traits then contemporary style is a perfect match for you.

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