“How to find Real Estate photography customers?” is a classic question for new photographers. In this blog, we are discussing 8 basic steps to help you find new clients.
8 Steps To Find Real Estate Photography Clients


#1 Build your portfolio

You can start by taking photos of your own house, prepare for that shoot carefully to produce high-quality photos. This will be easier for you to persuade people to use your service because you already had proof.

In addition, take time to build the basics of your brand name and a price list. Also, you need to make sure that people who find you or whoever you contact know you are serious. 

#2 Sign up networking platforms for your community that help find real estate photography clients better

Posting your information on platforms connecting agents and photographers such as https://www.rocketphoto.com/ or http://www.houselens.com/ will help you increase your chances to meet potential clients when they want to look for information about your service.

#3 Take advantage of multi-channel approaches to find real estate photography clients

An effective marketing strategy is seeking potential customers through different methods, where your customers usually appear. Try to promote your brand in a variety of media. You can use social media, make appointments with local agents and advertise in real estate magazines.

Use social media platforms where you can share your work and demonstrate your expertise in this field such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

#4 Search for clients who have not used professional photography services yet

It’s easy to browse any online real estate website and find many homes photos were public in poor quality. You can try to approach and contact these people, share with them the solutions to produce better photos. That is a great way for you to reach a new customer and build trust in customers.

#5 Offer to take a free photo for the first time. 

You are a new photographer so it is important to improve your value in the marketplace. You must be able to convince real estate agents and home sellers to pay more attention to the quality of photos. Furthermore, you need to make your clients see that compared to the value of their properties, the cost for creating impressive photos is relatively small.

However, to be able to do that, customers also want to know your portfolio to determine your skills and reputation in the field. When you do not have an adequate amount of users and photo produce, it is necessary to invite customers to take free photos for the first time. They will find it hard to resist your offer. However, please put more effort into taking photos, don’t ignore the image quality just because it’s free, this is actually your perfect opportunity to prove why customers should use your service. They will most likely become your loyal customers in the near future.

#6 Special discounts for customers using the service for the first time 

Since you’re still getting started your business, try offering your highest-value with the lowest price, but only for first-time customers. This idea gives them a reason to see what all of your services are and see what the value you can offer.

#7 Keep connecting with customers

To make sure you have loyal customers in the future, take your time to continuously communicate with them, even after the transaction is completed.

#8 Consider using a professional photo editing service

It is definitely a worthwhile investment. Using a professional photo editing service saves you a ton of time to find real estate photography clients, marketing, schedule bookings, also helping to shorten your turnaround time to customers at reasonable prices. 

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